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The Primary Health Care Network and its Clinic are not open to the general public. In addition to financial consideration, eligibility is limited to those persons who did not enter Douglas County to seek medical care and are not eligible to receive any other governmental health care benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Veterans’ Health Care. Additionally, people with private health insurance are generally not eligible, unless there is not coverage for a specific medical condition or service.

Financial eligibility is based on income and resources, with $35,000.00 maximum equity in a home and $7,000.00 maximum equity in one vehicle being exempted. The resource limits are $1,500.00 for a one-person household and $2,500.00 for households consisting of two or more persons.

Monthly income guidelines vary based on the number of related persons in the household and follow the Federal Poverty Guidelines, for example, one-person household - $1,041.00; two-person household - $1,409.00 (2019 figures).

Life-threatening or life-trauma situations requiring hospitalization may be retroactively considered for coverage if the appointment is requested within 30 days of the date of discharge and if hospital personnel, or designated agents, referred the admission to the PHCN within twenty-four hours.

PHCN patients’ medical care is managed by the PHCN Clinic medical practitioners. Patients are required to use the Primary Health Care Clinic and any other ancillary medical services available through the Douglas County health system. Specialty services are available through referral only.

If you are a medical provider and are interesting in signing a contract to see Douglas County Primary Health Care Network patients call 402-444-3406 for additional information.