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Eligibility for benefits through the Department of General Assistance is based on compliance with departmental guidelines. Requirements include a responsibility to provide complete and accurate information, sign all required documents, provide verification of eligibility, and report a change in circumstances no later than five days following the date of change. This includes information such as an increase or decrease in monthly income and expenses, an increase or decrease in resources, a change in employment status, a change in the composition of the household regardless of whether the change involves a related or unrelated household member, a change in address and/or living arrangements, and a change in incapacity or disability status. Clients must also provide required documentation of active participation in job training and/or community service or employment search validation as required and accept referral to any other public or private agency or organization which may be able to provide the requested assistance.

Client Rights


It is the policy of the Department of General Assistance that all applicants shall be assured fair and equal treatment in all aspects without regard to race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age, marital status, handicap, disability, or political affiliation or belief. If you have been discriminated against, you may file a complaint with the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.



At the time of initial application and re-determination, a Department representative will give an explanation of program requirements, explain the eligibility factors that require verification, obtain the client’s written consent for needed verification, explore the current and potentially available income and resources with the client, inform the client of his/her rights and responsibilities, act with reasonable promptness on the client’s application for assistance, inform the client of medical services available and program restrictions on use of private medical providers and provide adequate notice to the client of approval, rejection, termination, or any other case action which will affect the client’s assistance payment.



Adequate notice must be sent notifying a client of any action(s) affecting their assistance case. “Adequate” means the notice must include a statement of what actions(s) the Department of General Assistance intends to take, the reason(s) for the intended action(s), and the specific guideline reference(s) that support(s) the action(s) taken or a change in state law and/or the county regulations which requires the action taken.

Notice of such action(s) is considered timely if it is mailed at least five (5) days before the action(s) would become effective.



An applicant/client has the right to request a conference with a General Assistance representative to discuss the reason(s) for an adverse action. Call, write, or visit the Department of General Assistance to request a conference. The address and phone number appear on the front of this form.



If you are dissatisfied with the action taken, you may appeal to the hearing officer for the Douglas County Board of Commissioners because your application for General Assistance or Primary Health Care benefits is denied in whole or in part, or is not acted upon with reasonable promptness, or because you think the county’s action was incorrect.

A request for an appeal must be made in writing by you (or your representative) and be filed with the Department within 30 calendar days following the date on which this notice was mailed to you, the client.

To file an appeal with Douglas County, contact the Department of General Assistance at the address/phone number that appear on this form. A department representative will explain the appeal procedure and assist you (or your representative) in completing and filing the required appeal form, upon request.